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Ivan Lee Mora

I consider the environment and social politics when imagining my installations.  Using ancient techniques to capture impressions of the world within molten glass.  These forms are then arranged into immersive experiences meant to provoke thought and positive action.  


The proclivity towards creating art with glass began after traveling to Mexico with my Aztec Grandfather.  Learning about my ancestry embedded a deep respect for ancient mysticism and its relationship to the earth’s elements.  Glass allows me to evoke the transmutation of the earth elements towards a higher function. Concepts purified, matured, and perfected into a physical existence using the elemental forces:  earth, wood, metal, water, air and fire.​  The process is a meditation for me and I work to create concepts that reflect that reality.


I am currently based in Los Angeles and split time between studios in San Francisco, New York, Venice, Italy and Singapore. 

For a deeper look into my custom design work please visit OBSYDIAN STUDIOS. ​

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